V-Bar, LLC is led by Managing Director Gregory S. Poulos and Director David F. Matson. Together with our four associates, we serve the international wind energy industry. We also serve solar energy clients.


V-Bar, LLC provides complete meteorological and wind resource support to the global wind energy industry and the solar energy industry. This includes key elements of early to late stage project development, financeable resource assessment, due diligence and operations:

  • Global prospecting for windy (or sunny) land, site evaluation and field visits
  • Configuration, procurement and maintenance protocols for financeable wind and solar measurement programs
  • Meteorological tower, sodar and lidar campaign planning and field confirmation
  • Selecting and coordinating with professional met tower, sodar and lidar installers
  • Meteorological tower, sodar, and lidar monitoring, notification and calibration recommendations
  • Data collection, management, quality control and wind energy resource reporting
  • SCADA (permanent) meteorological tower configuration and placement
  • High-quality wind resource mapping and numerical modeling studies
  • Evaluating numerical modeling studies and preparing their data to be finance-ready
  • Turbine array layout design, optimization and field micrositing
  • Financeable wind energy resource assessment reports (gross/net projections, uncertainty analyses, etc.)
  • Power performance turbine testing (IEC 61400-12-1 protocol)
  • Analysis of existing wind farm operations, pre- vs. post-construction operational evaluation
  • Short-term, day-ahead and long-term forecasting requirements for operational wind farms
  • Complete independent engineering due diligence reviews for renewable energy projects with engineering partners
  • Solar energy resource assessment reports (gross and net energy production, uncertainty)
  • Strategic assessment of geographic diversity, portfolio characteristics, transmission planning for renewable resources and greenfield prospecting

This is a partial list. Please contact us if your specific service need is not listed.

For business inquires, please contact Greg Poulos, 303-882-2579.